Monthly Book Giveaway - February 2023

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I woke up this morning from a very powerful dream that, of course, got all blurred and forgotten once I started to wake up.  I have spent the past five hours trying to remember and interpret the dream so that I can use it to move forward with this ne
Last fall, I wrapped up our hoophouses (greenhouses) for the season, partly because I didn’t know what to expect but primarily, to be honest, I wanted a break from gardening. Silly me. Did you see my post about the carrots? I dug up carrots from t
So, this “who ya hangin out with” idea has really had me reflecting on goals and  on my vision board concept of how I want to live my life. In the last blog about this, I talked about how I “hung out with” Jessica of Roots & Refuge Farm last year an
[96255276-9A82-4DD5-B512-A69F38B04151.png] Jessica Sowards, of Roots and Refuge Farm, is often suggesting to viewers of her YouTube videos to purchase a roaster oven if they get a chance.  She also has said that after a holiday is a great time to fi
Well, that was a productive day!  ✔️ sourdough bread ✔️ pasta salad ✔️ coleslaw preserves  And - some pantry cleanup  My goal is to rotate through my pantry stash within a two-year cycle.  •  I definitely have stuff that is older than two years and n
“Food in Jars”  by Marisa McClellan- the perfect book at the perfect time. [Book-giveaway-canning-recipes.PNG] This is the fourth time that has offered a free book giveaway and, for me, this book couldn’t have come at a better time. 
You know when you “know” but you don’t really, really know until you get that ah-ha moment of deeper insight? That’s what happened to me the other day as I thought about who I was hanging out with - online.  I’m a gardener now … because  I realized
Congrats to SawyerHomestead for winning the The Sourdough Whisperer: The Secrets to No-Fail Baking with Epic Results by Elaine Boddy in the November Giveaway! Everyone who posts a finished recipe or DIY project during the month of January will be ent
Carey Pressure Canner Review (continued) As soon as I found out that they now make electric pressure canners, I was shopping!  My research ended up with the purchase of the Carey version.  Trial #1 was the very expensive chicken thighs.  I cubed up
Living my vision board For me, a vision board isn’t just about goal-setting, but, rather, clarifying my lifestyle, how I want to life my life.  “Envision the life. Then, live it.” When talking homesteading, the recurring message is that growing som
As soon as I saw that they now make electric/digital pressure canners, I went shopping online!! The first couple of canners that I saw were for about  $700 Canadian and so it went on my wish list for “some day”. I told Rick about them and he said “
Last night I was up, several times, babysitting the freeze-dryer. Something was amiss with the machine and I kept getting the error message and alarm. My options were to just shut it off and try again tomorrow or get up and try and get the error r