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Sourdough Journey #22: Time to experiment

Ok, the experimenting already started - when I purchased the “The Sourdough Whisperer” book and tried Elaine Boddy’s sourdough method.

But, with my sourdough starter begging,  “don’t put me back in the fridge”  and a loaf of bread already in the bread box, I thought it was time to do something different with my bread. 

My go-to is kale and garlic-salt. We absolutely love it. How can I mix things up this time? What else could I put into the bread? 

Chia seeds

My goal for the rest of this winter is to work at using up older products in the pantry, making room for the 2023 harvest. 

The package of chia seeds caught my eye and out they came … and in they went. 

I usually put a good handful of crushed kale in the bread, so I put about the same amount of chia seeds.

The results?

I thought I was going to have the texture of seeds in the bread. No, not really. 

What surprised me more was that the bread had a sweetness to it. 

  • Was it because of the seeds? 
  • Or was it because there was no kale covering up the taste of the sourdough? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Regardless of the why, the result was yummy!

Another win

What should I try next?
- Debbie

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