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Yes - you can make bread in just three hours. You can make bread that looks and tastes like sourdough But you can’t make SOURDOUGH bread in just 3 hours because … SOURDOUGH IS A PROCESS  Sourdough is a process of developing and feeding wild yea
This week, I ordered some stoneground, organic, LOCAL bread flour from and I am so excited! Excited … “but” … but there is a learning curve, which I wasn’t expecting.  This flour makes the smoothest, strongest (I think that’s the word) dou
I want to buy local I want to buy organic And I’d love to find a local mill that offered stone-ground, organic flour made from local grains. Enter: The 1847 mill is just an hour and a half away in Ferguson Ontario, definitely drivable for m
I forgot the salt ! If you have watched anyone talking about the need for salt in sourdough bread you will hear them say that bread without salt is just plain yucky to eat. First, let’s backtrack in my story.  Digestion I can eat my sourdough bre