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Plantain Plantain Plantain As soon as our weather shifts (I think we’ve had rain for 3 weeks straight… and it is cold out) I will be searching my yard for plantain!! I know that it is out there and that I have lots of it. I have never pulled it i
From comfy cozy to the realities of life... I start a lot of plants indoors in the spring and, as we enter the month of May, they are ready to get their roots planted into the earth and flourish under the rays of the sun.  My seedlings’ home has bee
Mashkiki-wan is the Ojibwe word for medicinal plant.  “Ntam mashkiki: nbiish.  Eko-niizhing: mashkiki-wan. ” First medicine: water. Second: medicinal plants  This week, I harvested some comfrey plants, just as they were starting their spring growt
Yesterday, the temperature outside was a high of 6C and a low of 3c. That’s chilly. “Cold weather is a great time for researching!” Sourdough This winter, with my very cold kitchen and my new stoneground (and organic) flour, I have struggled to mak