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I was asked what I like about GreenStalks …  A GreenStalk is container gardening, with a unique watering system for each layer in the tower. [IMG_7078.jpeg] What I love about this system  1. No bending over … the tower makes everything much more ac
I did a walkabout today, checking out my gardensp. YouTube Video Did you see the photo of the peas? The ones that were direct down in the garden have almost caught up to those that I planted early.  “NOTE TO SELF: Next year? Just wait and direct
“Deck snacks are the best! ” Goal:  My goal was to move two GreenStalk vertical towers, near to my deck, for easy access to snack foods.  It took me a week to decide on the best locations for the planters, based on ease of access, lawnmower paths,
I love growing the dwarf varieties of tomatoes.  Why?  Check this out: • March 17 - I put LITTLE BING dwarf tomato seeds in my hydroponics system  • March 23 - they had sprouted • April 16 - I transplanted the seedlings to soil (because they taste