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Sometimes things just fall into place and you weren’t even thinking about it! First, I was given a magnetic signage set saying “Merry Christmas”. It is so cute but what will I do with it? And, then, I go to a friend’s place to see some vintage tools
My sourdough starter had gotten watery. A watery sourdough starter mens that it is hungry. According to Elaine Boddy, The Sourdough Whisperer, giving it a boost helps to bring it back to healthy. Yesterday was day one of boosting my “Mz Ella” st
My book arrived three days early and I’m so excited!! “The Sourdough Whisperer, by Elaine Boddy ” [Homesteadian_free_draw_Sourdough_whisperer.jpg] As you know, I’ve tried a few different sourdough starter recipes and I have learned a lot along the
Baby, it’s cold outside .. and it is getting that way inside, as well. We have been without power for about six hours, so far today. The weather outside has been very cold (around freezing) very rainy, and very, very windy (thus the loss of power).