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2024 Garden Season #18: Strawberries - the massacre


This is part 18 in a 19 part series: 2024 Garden Season

When my strawberries first started to turn red, fruit flies were devouring them.

My solution was to buy some mesh bags and tuck the fruit into the bag, close up the bags, and wait for MY harvest.

I thought I had won.

Well, this morning, as I went for my garden walkabout, the sight of a bloody massacre greeted me at my GreenStalks

I don’t know what. I don’t know when. And I don’t know how …

BUT SOMETHING ATE A STRAWBERRY right inside a bag leaving the scene a red, juicy mess. 

What’s next?

Would the destruction have been worse if I hadn’t used the bags?
Are the bags a waste of time?
Is there another method that would work better?

What to do? What to do? 

- not a happy camper this morning,

a simpler life