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Preserved COLESLAW

Preserved COLESLAW
Today, I used my Carey Electric Pressure Canner to can some homemade coleslaw. 


  •  1 large (or extra large) cabbage, shredded
  •  4 large carrots (or more) shredded
  •  4 peppers, chopped
  •  4 onions, chopped
Mix it all together.
Mix in 4 tsp salt and let it sit for an hour.

(Note: I didn’t have enough sweet onions so I used a jar of freeze-dried sweet onions as well. That was so handy! Definitely freeze-drying more sweet onions next fall.)

The brine

While the vegetables are sitting, prepare the brine:
  •  4 c. vinegar
  •  1 c. water
  •  8 c. sugar
  •  4 tsp celery seed
  •  4 tsp mustard seed
  •  1 tsp turmeric
Bring it to boil and boil for one minute.
Let it sit to cool.

(Note: I was out of celery seed and mistakingly bought celery salt. I had put in two teaspoons before I realized my mistake.)

Putting it together 

When the brine is cool, 
  • drain the water from the vegetables (drawn out by the salt) and 
  • mix the veggies with the vinegar solution.
  • Pack the mixture into jars and process in a hot water bath for 15 minutes.

Note: I used half-pint jars so that we have just enough for the two of us, for one meal. 
I, also, filled one quart jar and put it in the fridge, as I had ran out of the small jars. 

How to use the coleslaw

  • As coleslaw, of course
  • As filling for egg rolls (for example)
  • Drain it and stir in some mayonnaise
  • Use it in stir-fries 
  • What about soup? I wonder… 

Any other ideas?
- Debbie
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Great recipe I’ll be using this when I harvest my cabbage 
Yes, I’ll be making lots next fall … I need to plant more cabbage this year!

a simpler life

Egg roll bowls? Basically egg rolls, but put together in a bowl with either rice or quinoa. No rolling required!! 

K Kennedy

No rolling - love that!! 

a simpler life