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DIY Fun and Functional Egg Storage

DIY Fun and Functional Egg Storage
I love having backyard chickens. When the girls are in full swing we get a lot of eggs, and I need all the organizational help I can get!

Our old system was shuffling around old Easter egg baskets on the counter top, and I did my best to remember which basket was  collected on which day. We definitely needed something more functional.

You can check out the blog post here to learn more.

Dana Ward

Ok … I don’t have backyard chickens but if I did I would definitely use this egg organization system. 

Not only is it brilliant and functional but it is so darned cute, too!! 

How many eggs DO you collect in a day on your homestead? 

a simpler life

Thank you! The chicken wallpaper is just so lovely!

We currently have about 30 hens. So we usually collect about 20-25 a day. However temperatures dropped drastically here, so we're getting way less right now. Hoping that a change up in diet will help the girls lay more eggs.

Dana Ward

I to dont have chickens.  Wonderful Idea.
My neighbours got chickens this year and just recently had their first egg 

a simpler life

This is great thank you for sharing 

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