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Taste testing squash from the garden

Taste testing squash from the garden
I cut and scraped the seeds out of a  a Butternut, a Buttercup, and a cheese pumpkin. Then  roasted them in the oven for a little over an hour. Next came the taste test! I added butter and salt to each one and grabbed my fork!. I found the cheese pumpkin to be stringy, not very sweet, and not much squash or pumpkin flavor. Next the butternut . It had more of the squash flavor I was looking for and not hardly stringy at all. Now the best for last was the buttercup. It was very flavorful, not stringy at all and the sweetness I was looking for. I will always be willing to try new varieties in the garden but I will always plant the tried and true Buttercup squash!
I love this!! 

Had only ever heard of the butternut. 
Rick “hates” Sam quash and says “don’t try and sneak it in” .. but it is too mich of a good thing in the garden. 
I’ve convinced him that maybe he just hadn’t eaten it in the right way before.. I think he is open to trying different squash recipes, at least a nibble. 

Or maybe it is about finding the right squash. Buttercup it is! It’s going on my list 

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