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Christmas Baking from scratch

Christmas Baking from scratch
These are homemade nut clusters, candie  almonds, chex mix, mint bark and hershey bars. My boys love them and say they are the best we have ever had 💜
Lots of treats on my list this year and they will all be homemade.
That is a LOT !! 
Is t it a wonderful feeling to say “I made that” and to know that it’s homemade 

a simpler life

It really is! My husband says I've come a long way since we met and I "cooked" hamburger helper 🤣


I’d say the same about my journey .. except I haven’t come far at all,  hahahaa  🤷🏻‍♀️

a simpler life

My cooking skills have improved also.  Shake and Bake Chicken.  Lol.