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Plant ladder

Plant ladder
Winter is supposed to be our slow down season but this season has been very much go, go, go! I started this plant ladder project months ago but was just too busy to finish it. Today my yearning to garden motivated me to finish it. I have some house plants to transplant and add to it but cant wait to get some herbs going. Its very dry here right now so I looked into getting a few cloches, way to expensive! I got some large flower vases from my local St. Vincent de paul for a couple of bucks, I think they will work just fine.
That is beautiful … functional … and your little grass greenhouses? Brilliant

I can’t wait to see what you do next !!

Oh how I’d love a little window alcove thingy where I could sit all my plants and they’d get sun all day long ((dreaming)) 

a simpler life

Thank you! I also dream of one of those windows, maybe when my kids have grown and moved out haha.
Ha! Some of my kids have grown and moved out, but now the grandkids come and play in my only big enough window to put plants in! It’s a bay window that gets mostly afternoon sun. I wish I could utilize it more. 

K Kennedy