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Wasted Space, I think not!

Wasted Space, I think not!
This wall in my storage room has been wasted space since we moved in. Very quickly my canned goods started to overflow the shelves and onto the floor. I had to get creative and a simple google search inspired this idea. I love that I could give purpose to this wasted space. Now I am working on filling it to the brim.
My tips if you plan to do this yourself is number 1 and most importantly use lag bolts into your wall studs when securing it to the wall. Secondly leave some play in the widths for your cans, some are tight and can sizes can vary by brand. I have switched to all organic now and some cans dont fit and I will need to modify.
Thanks for viewing!
What a brilliant transformation of a wasted space!!

Good tips re: can sized. 

Did you build it and then attach it or build it right to the wall? 

a simpler life

Thank you!
I built it and then secured it to the wall.
That would make it easier to adapt .. I was wondering :)

a simpler life

That looks great!

K Kennedy