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New life

New life
The countdown on the fridge is full of crossed off days. Anticipation is in the air. We know it will be any day now. We take turns peaking into the tiny window, still nothing. Patients does not run in the family. My youngest runs down the hallway and let's out a squeal of excitement. Theres a pip, theres a pip! We all make our way down the hall and peak into the tiny window. Small chirps can be heard. As I make breakfast my boys take turns checking for more progress, updating as more pips appear. Finally the first tiny wet body pushes from its shell. It's a family affair as we gather around the incubator, wide smiles and big eyes of excitement fill the room. New life is always a beautiful experience but this is something extra special. It signifies change, change in thinking, change in actions, a new life filled with promise and blessings.
Happy birthday!!

And a child never looks at a chicken or an egg the same way again. 

Appreciation for where food comes from! 

a simpler life

I just want to hold that sweet little chick. 
Welcome to the world little buddy! Thanks for sharing this photo :-)