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Homemade sausage recipes


I’d like to try making my own sausage and would love some tips and recipes from those who make their own. 

What casings do you recommend?
To smoke or not to smoke? 
- Debbie 

a simpler life

ill keep an ye on this because id love to myself. ive got the grinder attachment for our stand mixer. i did do some many years ago with my BIL. his recipe was way off and they were not good lets say. we used natural casings.
I haven’t found anything yet … but I’ve been distracted by other ideas :) 

Thanks for the reminder 

a simpler life

I follow this couple on YouTube and I found their video for homemade Italian Sausage.

They also mention a recipe for breakfast sausage by I haven’t checked it out yet

I will probably throw in freeze-dried kale because I add that to everything.
I’m sure the fennel is important but I don’t usually have that in my cupboard so it may or may not make it into my sausage when I get to making some 

a simpler life