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sourdough bread

Yesterday was bread MAKING day and today was bread BAKING day - and it all paid off! The Recipe The recipe/directions for my mini-loaf is from “The Sourdough Whisperer” book by Elaine Boddy  In the book are many variations, not only for the sourdoug
Sourdough bread #2, using The Sourdough Whisperer Method [Why_is_my_sourdough_green.PNG] The Inspiration The main inspiration for this loaf of bread was my LAST loaf of bread! The first one was so delicious and so easy and fun to make that I just
Is the 3rd time  a charm? [Sourdough_fail_or_win.PNG] This past week has been so exciting as I’ve  been making sourdough bread using the Elaine Boddy method from the book, The Sourdough Whisperer. One loaf - fantastic Two loaves - best bread I hav
Bread, soup, dessert - all from scratch, before the expected storm takes out our power. Can I do it? [Meal—prep_before_a_storm.PNG] The Plan They are predicting a severe storm, including freezing rain, for today and I’d like to have some meals prep
I began my “seriously sourdough” journey 5 loaves ago, after discovering the book THE SOURDOUGH WHISPERER by Elaine Boddy. [Sourdough_experiment.PNG] Experiment #1 My first loaf I made, the mini-loaf recipe in the book, was not only an experiment w
As I write this, Christmas is less than a week away and I want to serve some sage-flavoured sourdough bread that I made from scratch, with my two little hands. And that means some experimenting. [Sourdough-experiment.PNG] The Experiments 1. To ma
As you know, I found a second-hand roaster oven after the holidays and tried it out by roasting a chicken. - loved it.  But will it bake bread? [403140B2-37CB-4CC3-A58B-502EE4D63FA7.jpeg] I tried baking bread this morning. • I put the sourdough into
Ok, the experimenting already started - when I purchased the “The Sourdough Whisperer” book and tried Elaine Boddy’s sourdough method. But, with my sourdough starter begging,  “don’t put me back in the fridge”  and a loaf of bread already in the bre
I’ve made many, many loaves of sourdough so far this year (using the Elaine Boddy method, from her book “The Sourdough Whisperer”) and today was the first time that I had a fail … or Elaine would say “a learning experience”. [B3E6D246-0353-486E-A9B6