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Sourdough Journey #21: Can you bake bread in a roaster oven?


This is part 21 in a 31 part series: Sourdough Journey

As you know, I found a second-hand roaster oven after the holidays and tried it out by roasting a chicken. - loved it. 

But will it bake bread?

I tried baking bread this morning.
  • I put the sourdough into my little roasting pan, as usual
  • I put the roasting pan in the electric roaster oven, on the metal rack - WITH THE OVEN STILL UNPLUGGED
  • I put the lid(s) on and then plugged it in
  • I set the temperature to 425F and set a timer for 55 minutes 

Patiently waiting for 55 minutes and, then, it was time to check it out …

Success!! It baked the bread just fine. 

Now for the taste-test. 

Yesterday, the kitchen was below 60F so I wasn’t sure if the bread would even rise. 
It didn’t really look good going INTO the oven, but as Elaine Boddy, of The Sourdough Whisperer, says: just keep going. 

As you can see, it did rise as it baked.

I let it sit for about half and hour, to finish the cooking process, and then I cut it open.


I really like the combination of kale (and there is a lot of freeze-dried kale flakes/powder in that loaf) and the wild-garlic-infused salt. Tasty and nutritious.

How did the roaster oven do?

I’d say this is a win. 
The bread cooked just the same as in my oven-oven.

The electric roaster oven will be a great option for when I have a lot of things cooking in the kitchen AND when it is summer and I want to cook outside and not heat up the house. Double Win! 


a simpler life

 WOW - thanks for your post - I don't have an oven - I use my roaster oven (or my toaster oven) for everything.    I want to start making sourdough bread - but I was afraid the roaster oven wouldn't work.    I can't wait now to get going on it.   THANKS!!! 
Have you tried the sourdough in the roaster? 
How did it work for you? 

a simpler life