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Sourdough Starter [Sourdough_starter.jpg] My goal is to make bread, using a long ferment method, in the hopes of being able to eat a bread that my stomach can digest easily.  I am hopeful.  Now, I’m not a perfectionist and I’m not into measuring thin
I absolutely love Lisa’s videos on Farmhouse on Boone.  They take the science and mesh it into real-life living:  • know the intention;  • get the feel for things;  • trust the process; and  • don’t get caught up in the details.  This video, in my
Will this be a win or a groan? I don’t know but they are currently in the oven! I wanted to use up some of my sourdough discard .. and see if it would work. Why not biscuits! NOTE: I’m writing this “as we go”!! RECIPE (Preheat the oven to 425f and
I’m getting closer!!  My goal is to find a recipe that used the sourdough discard and that works for just the two of us.. and that we like, of course. My first attempt, however small that it was, passed the Rick test, so I tried again today.  I tri
Well, I’d say that I have finally made this biscuit recipe work for me and this last batch was so good that I’m now thinking about how I can adapt it.  The Basic Recipe • 1 c flour • 2 tsp baking powder • 1/8 tsp baking soda • 1/2 tsp salt • 1/3 c la
Will this be my favourite sourdough starter?  [Lets_make_sourdough_starter.PNG] Let’s make some sourdough starter, together.  There are many, many different sets of directions for sourdough starters. There are wet versions, dry versions, and in-betw
I realized that my sourdough starter was starving! [Sourdough_starter_feeding.PNG] Feeding the natural yeast of a sourdough starter is vital to the process of bread-making. The Yeast  The flour that you start the sourdough starter with, as well as
First: sourdough discard biscuits Next: biscuits with freeze-dried powders [Sourdough_discard_spinach_biscuits.PNG] Last month, I think it was, I made biscuits from my sourdough discard and they were delicious!! I thought, at the time, that they w
Save your sourdough discard mixture and make some breadsticks for dipping. [Sourdough_discard_bread_sticks_recipe.PNG] This is a really fast and easy recipe to make with your sourdough discard.  The Ingredients • 300 grams sourdough starter discard
Can you freeze-dry sourdough starter? Well, of course.  You can freezedry anything.  Whether it turns out okay is another story.  [Freezedried_sourdough_starter.PNG] The Experiment Rather than waste a batch of sourdough discard, I wondered what wou
I am so enjoying my journey with sourdough. Now, I have to admit that I haven’t made a lot of sourdough bread but I have been learning lots about the wild yeast that makes the bread AND I have been finding a lot of master bakers who have years of expe
My book arrived three days early and I’m so excited!! “The Sourdough Whisperer, by Elaine Boddy ” [Homesteadian_free_draw_Sourdough_whisperer.jpg] As you know, I’ve tried a few different sourdough starter recipes and I have learned a lot along the