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Sourdough Journey #2: my favourite SOURDOUGH resource


This is part 2 in a 31 part series: Sourdough Journey

I absolutely love Lisa’s videos on Farmhouse on Boone. 

They take the science and mesh it into real-life living: 
  • know the intention; 
  • get the feel for things; 
  • trust the process; and 
  • don’t get caught up in the details. 

This video, in my opinion, is priceless. Lisa shares a couple weeks of her daily life and how she uses her starter dough. 
She shares that:
  •  she doesn’t always feed her starter before using it, 
  • sometimes it is straight out of the fridge, and 
  • she doesn’t measure for the feedings. 
  • She just gets on with it, based on her timing and needs. 

Talk about “freedom” - getting over the fear of doing something wrong is priceless!! 
Isn’t it fascinating, how many different things she made with her starter? And that’s just in a couple weeks of her daily life! She has even more recipes on her website FARMHOUSE ON BOONE (you can also find her on Instagram) 

I am so grateful for Lisa sharing her journey.
I hope that my sharing it forward helps someone feel less intimidated by sourdough and opens the door to wonderful baking experiences for families everywhere! 

Let me know what you think: what tips did YOU pick up from the video? What is your favourite resource? 
- Debbie 
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