Monthly Book Giveaway - February 2023

Sourdough Journey #11: Boosting Watery Sourdough Starter

My book arrived three days early and I’m so excited!!

The Sourdough Whisperer, by Elaine Boddy 

As you know, I’ve tried a few different sourdough starter recipes and I have learned a lot along the way. When I found Elaine’s nook for our Monthly Giveaway, I checked out some of her videos on YouTube and I was really intrigued by her style of teaching and I, being the seeker that I am, wanted to try her method and see what I would learn.

Last night, during our power failure, I tried reading her book but reading my phone flashlight isn’t the greatest strategy, so I had to sit it aside until this morning.

But bright and early, I had my light on and began this new journey.

My first tidbit of information: if your starter is watery, it is hungry. Remember, in another post, I talked about feeding a family of one? Well, I think I was feeding a family six with the same amount required for one. So …

Tidbit #2: give your starter a boost.
How? By feeding it 30 grams each of flour and water, twice a day for two days.

So, I scooped out about 30 grams of the healthier bubbly starter and fed it. Now,  to repeat that three more times and see what my new sourdough, Mz Ella looks like.

Mz Ella
They say to name your sourdough starter. Why? Because it is a living thing, bubbling and eating, feasting on the carbohydrates of the flour. 

At first I was going to call my booster starter “Ms Elaine”, in honour of the author of my new book. That, quickly changed to Ms Ellie, as a nickname.. and, then, that changed to Mz Ella, named after my grandmother. 

How fitting is that? Named after my grandmother:  Honouring the ancestors from whom we learned all the basics skills of living off the land. 

And now we wait ….. 


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