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My sourdough starter had gotten watery. A watery sourdough starter mens that it is hungry. According to Elaine Boddy, The Sourdough Whisperer, giving it a boost helps to bring it back to healthy. Yesterday was day one of boosting my “Mz Ella” st
Is today bread day? [Is_sourdough_starter_ready.PNG] Why, yes, I believe it is!! The Plan My goal is to make bread first thing tomorrow morning and Elaine’s basic recipe schedule is based on making bread in the afternoon … .. until you turn the pa
Yesterday was bread MAKING day and today was bread BAKING day - and it all paid off! The Recipe The recipe/directions for my mini-loaf is from “The Sourdough Whisperer” book by Elaine Boddy  In the book are many variations, not only for the sourdoug
Sourdough bread #2, using The Sourdough Whisperer Method [Why_is_my_sourdough_green.PNG] The Inspiration The main inspiration for this loaf of bread was my LAST loaf of bread! The first one was so delicious and so easy and fun to make that I just
Is the 3rd time  a charm? [Sourdough_fail_or_win.PNG] This past week has been so exciting as I’ve  been making sourdough bread using the Elaine Boddy method from the book, The Sourdough Whisperer. One loaf - fantastic Two loaves - best bread I hav
I like routine in my life - it’s my best strategy for being productive, efficient, and living my goals. Today, I did a “thing” and I think it is the beginning of a new routine in my life and I like it! [Simpler_life_routine.PNG] After trying the
Rick loves his pizzeria pizza but “if it’s in the house, it’s in my mouth”. I have no will-power and pizza creates inflammation (aka weight gain) for my body, every time. Today is experiment day - making homemade sourdough pizza from scratch, using
I began my “seriously sourdough” journey 5 loaves ago, after discovering the book THE SOURDOUGH WHISPERER by Elaine Boddy. [Sourdough_experiment.PNG] Experiment #1 My first loaf I made, the mini-loaf recipe in the book, was not only an experiment w
As I write this, Christmas is less than a week away and I want to serve some sage-flavoured sourdough bread that I made from scratch, with my two little hands. And that means some experimenting. [Sourdough-experiment.PNG] The Experiments 1. To ma
As you know, I found a second-hand roaster oven after the holidays and tried it out by roasting a chicken. - loved it.  But will it bake bread? [403140B2-37CB-4CC3-A58B-502EE4D63FA7.jpeg] I tried baking bread this morning. • I put the sourdough into
Ok, the experimenting already started - when I purchased the “The Sourdough Whisperer” book and tried Elaine Boddy’s sourdough method. But, with my sourdough starter begging,  “don’t put me back in the fridge”  and a loaf of bread already in the bre
This was the wisdom I received while journaling this morning:  “Making sourdough gives water, nbiish, time to do its medicine to help make grains digestible. ” Nbiish, the Ojibwe word for water, according to Native teachings, is the first medicine.