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Sourdough Journey #23: Sourdough gives water time to do its medicine


This is part 23 in a 31 part series: Sourdough Journey

This was the wisdom I received while journaling this morning: 

Making sourdough gives water, nbiish, time to do its medicine to help make grains digestible. 

Nbiish, the Ojibwe word for water, according to Native teachings, is the first medicine.

Think of all the ways and times that you use water to make you or someone feel better.

When making sourdough, the long process of fermentation uses the water to help the yeasts flourish and do what they do in digesting the proteins, etc, of the grains, which in turn makes them more digestible for us.

Ntam mashkiki: nbiish. 
Eko-niizhing: mashkiki-wan. 

First medicine: water
Second: medicinal plants

Honouring the foods that we eats
- Debbie

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