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Sourdough Journey #7: Biscuits with Sourdough Discard & Spinach


This is part 7 in a 31 part series: Sourdough Journey

First: sourdough discard biscuits
Next: biscuits with freeze-dried powders

Last month, I think it was, I made biscuits from my sourdough discard and they were delicious!!

I thought, at the time, that they would taste great and be extra-nutritious if I added some powder from my freeze-dried stash.

I could add 
  • spinach (which I did today), 
  • kale (which we don’t like so I sneak it into anything that I can), 
  • tomatoes, 
  • corn, and, 
  • maybe, even chicken. 

But first: the spinach

The Recipe

To the basic recipe, which is on my other blog page, I mixed in a sprinkling of powdered spinach.

I didn’t want it to overpower the biscuits, (as they’d be rejected by my picky-eater), so I just made the dough “lightly speckled”.

It’s also important to remember that a large handful of spinach, when freeze-dried, will be more like a tablespoon after powdered. (Don’t quote me on that measurement - but you get a lot of leaves in a spoonful of its powdered form.)

After the adding in of the spinach, I mixed in the sourdough starter, cut out the biscuits and popped them into the air fryer.

I, still, have yet to find my cookie and biscuit cutters. Till then, I use whatever I can find, which has been metal funnels. The key is to have a clean edge to cut with, not rounded. The rounded edge squishes the dough, making it harder for the biscuit to rise and become flaky.

The result? Delicious and I could definitely taste that hint of spinach. 

What’s next?

Maybe in the next batch, I will powder some freeze-dried sweet corn and see how that turns out. That should make a wonderful biscuit to serve with some beans, I think.

What else should I try? I’d love to hear your suggestions.
- Debbie

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