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Cooking & Preserving #27: “get a roaster oven,” she said


Jessica Sowards, of Roots and Refuge Farm, is often suggesting to viewers of her YouTube videos to purchase a roaster oven if they get a chance. 

She also has said that after a holiday is a great time to find them at second-hand stores because people often buy them for a big dinner event but don’t have room to store them so they donate them. 

My Roaster

Well, after the holidays, I happened to be in a second-hand store and what did I spy on a shelf? A roaster oven.
It came home with me.

Now, I’m not sure if this model is supposed to have an insert tray or not but it doesn’t have one. And, so, I have been waiting to try it out.

Today, I finally gave in and used it, as is, to cook an 8.5 lb chicken, directly from the freezer.

I set the temperature to 350F and walked away.

Three and a half hours later that chicken was done!!

A morning of cooking and my house oven was still free to be used for something else. This is going to be really handy for our next family dinner. 

And, now, I’m simmering some water in the pan to get out all the drippings and I will be making some chicken stock, which I will can up in my Carey Electric Pressure Canner. 

I do love my gadgets - they make kitchen-life so much easier. 

Thanks Jessica.
And thanks to the person who donated their  roaster oven to the second-hand store. 
- Debbie 

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