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Cooking & Preserving #29: Stacking jars - will this work?


This is part 29 in a 29 part series: Cooking & Preserving

  1. Making Paprika from scratch
  1. Start the day by canning broth
  2. Stacking jars - will this work?

When you have a smaller pantry, you want to get the most jars into the small space and that, for me, means stacking them.

But, when you stack them, you’re putting pressure on the middle of the lid, which pulls the edge away from the jar, potentially breaking your seal.

They say that if you put a piece of cardboard on top of the lower layer, that that will help distribute the weight more and you will lessen the risk of breaking the seals on your jars.

I have another idea. I did buy some plastic lids to go on the top which, when you don’t tighten it fully, there is no weight applied to your top seal at all. But that was getting costly.

This morning, I came up with another idea: use an old jar lid between the two layers. (see video below)

I think this will work. The weight is going around the edge, where the seal is, and not in the center, which would create a bowing effect, and potentially break that seal.

Only time will tell, but I am hopeful..

What do you think?

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