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Cooking & Preserving #28: Start the day by canning broth

Yesterday, we had chicken and I made some broth.

This morning, I preserved it.

Making the most of a chicken

I have to say up front that I’m not using all of the chicken because I didn’t raise the chicken, I didn’t harvest the chicken, and I didn’t prepare the chicken for cooking. 

But I am doing my best at making the most of the chicken that I did purchase from the farmer. 

  • I roasted it and I took off all the meat for eating. 
  • I added water to the roasting pan, to get as much of the goodness out of the bottom of the pan
  • I used the bones to make a broth 
  • I skimmed off the chicken fat for frying potatoes in
  • I preserved the broth for future meals 

Today, well, today I preserved the broth and I used leftover meat to make a hot chicken sandwich, which Rick loved.

That’s a whole lot of meals out of one little chicken.

I am grateful.

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