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Homesteading: Reflections #25: I woke up from a dream and …

I woke up this morning from a very powerful dream that, of course, got all blurred and forgotten once I started to wake up. 

I have spent the past five hours trying to remember and interpret the dream so that I can use it to move forward with this next part of my life. 

Dreams hold messages.
Now, to decipher them. 

The Dream

The quick version of the dream was that I had an opportunity to connect with the all-knowing and as I did I went from “understanding” to having everything (well not everything) explode around me. And then I woke up.

Processing the dream, in the shower, my mind said “what DID blow up?” The answer was that it was the things that had gotten off the right path and were not connected with nature and purpose.

Later, as I journaled that, I interpreted it as having to let go of the old stories, habits, and beliefs about living the simpler life, about growing my own food, about preserving food, and about cooking with those foods. 

Today is a turning point.

No longer is the “I can’t”

You know how I say that I am not a housekeeper? Old story. 💥 kaboom.

I am not a gardener? Kaboom. 💥

I can’t cook? 💥

I can’t eat bread? 💥

Today, I create my new path with my new outlook and my new self-talk. I’ve already learned that I am indeed a gardener, as I had a very successful garden last year.

And I can eat bread - I can eat the sourdough bread that I make from scratch!  By body doesn’t react to it as it does store-bought bread (including store-bought sourdough). 

The “I can” list

As I move through my day and week, I will discover more stories that are not in alignment with my vision of a simpler life, my goals, and that connectedness with the foods that I eat.

I will have to pay attention as those old stories are very familiar and safe and will creep in without notice.

My goal is to live a simpler life by growing, preserving, and cooking my own foods, knowing where those foods come from, and honouring the foods and their origins. Everything I think, say, do, should be supportive of that goal in some way.  


Several years ago, I was taught this Ojibwe phrase: 
Ntam mashkiki: nbiish. 
Eko-niizhing: mashkiki-wan. 
First medicine: water
Second: medicinal plants

As I processed my dream, I realized that “food is medicine” and that is the next phase of my journey.

Honouring the food, the plants, the animals, the soil … that is the journey as I live my goals, my vision of the simpler life. 

Talk about conscious living! 
Wiinsiniwin is mashkiki. 
Food is medicine.

What old stories are holding you back from living your “homesteading life” vision?
I would love to hear your story and learn from you. Teach me.
- Debbie 

a simpler life

This morning, I found this beautiful story about honouring the food, the kitchen space, and the cooking and eating process. 

It takes cooking to a whole new level! 

a simpler life