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Homesteading: Reflections #24: Who ya’ hangin’ out with - part 2

So, this “who ya hangin out with” idea has really had me reflecting on goals and  on my vision board concept of how I want to live my life.

In the last blog about this, I talked about how I “hung out with” Jessica of Roots & Refuge Farm last year and, because I watched her videos everyday, I spent more time in my garden and I became a gardener.

This year, not only am I still watching the gardening inspiration but I’m also “hanging out with Becky from Acre Homestead.

Becky does a lot of bulk cooking and freezer meals. Now, although I am not putting anything into the freezer, I do connect with the bulk cooking and preserving! 

But - Becky teaches a lot more than bulk cooking. Her love of being in the kitchen, of cooking from scratch, of creating a flow in her kitchen organization and food prep, and her work ethic of cleaning up before/during/after is, well, inspiring. 

Because I am hanging out with her every day, I am spending more time in my kitchen, cooking more, thinking more about where things are stored and, (no judgement) tidying up after myself. 

I think … maybe … I might just be becoming something of a homemaker-cook! 

At almost 65, let me tell you,  I never saw that coming. 

Who you hang out with really does have an impact on your life. 

We connect with many people of all types throughout our day/week. Those people who reflect your goals, beliefs, lifestyle, vision board - those are the ones to hang out with, even if it just through YouTube videos. 

If you want to learn more, be inspired more, be motivated more, become more - choose wisely who you are spending time with.  

65 and I’m still becoming!
- Debbie

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