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Homesteading: Reflections #23: Who ya’ hangin’ out with?

You know when you “know” but you don’t really, really know until you get that ah-ha moment of deeper insight?

That’s what happened to me the other day as I thought about who I was hanging out with - online. 

I’m a gardener now … because 

I realized that I had such an amazing garden last year because I was hanging out with Jessica and Jeremiah Sowards of Roots & Refuge Farm.

I wasn’t a gardener before I “met them”, even though it was just through watching their videos. I definitely was a gardener, after!
I chose well.

Virtually Hanging Out

  • Every day I would watch one of the Roots & Refuge videos.
  • Every day I would see the Sowards in their gardens, checking on the plants, caring for them, weeding them, planting them, harvesting them. 
  • Every day I was inspired to do the same. 
  • Every day I went into my garden and did garden stuff - and that’s how I became a gardener. 


There are so many distractions in life, especially on social media. 
  • I could have spent my time hanging out with non-gardeners. 
  • I could have been enticed by dangling carrots (not the garden variety) and wandered off my path of wanting to grow my own food. 
  • I could have walked a completely different life last year. 
But I didn’t. 

Build Your Community

Every day, I get to choose who I hang out with. 
  • I get to choose who I want to be inspired by and who I want to emulate in some way. 
  • I get to choose my mentors. 
  • I get to choose who I connect with, in some way, to help me stay focused on my goals, on my vision board, on how I want to live my life.

And, every day, I hang out at with a community of people who are all on that journey of living a more self-sufficient and community-sufficient lifestyle.

Thank YOU for hanging out with me today!
Thank YOU for inspiring me and helping me to stay on my path of living a simpler life.
- Debbie

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