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Homesteading: Reflections #31: Evolution Empowerment !


This is part 31 in a 31 part series: Homesteading: Reflections

Evolution - embrace it

Evolution is constantly happening. 

Over the past 100 years, we have morphed through an era of abundance and consumerism. We explored the lifestyle of having lots, disposing of lots, seeking any and all ways to make life easier, faster, and, in theory, simpler. 

Today’s era, as I see it, is being forced into a time of finding a balance between living like our ancestors and having modern perks to assist us with this lifestyle. 

The cost of travelling has encouraged us to create “staycations” and to put more time and money into our homes rather than holidays. It has led us to online shopping and home deliveries, where a single trip by one delivery vehicle takes the place of many families heading to the store.

The cost of food has nudged us to cook from scratch, preserve food, build a garden, and raise chickens in the backyard. 

The cost of heating homes has switched us from glorifying mansions to applauding the tiny homes, bunkies, and living in an RV.

As we move through this evolution, I have to say that it is scary. It is scary because we really don’t know what the future holds or how we will financially cope with the massive increase in expenses such as food and heating fuel. 

We, also, have to shift our thinking, our priorities, our lifestyle, to let go of a lot of things that we have become accustomed to and to replace them with .. well, we have to figure that out. The unknown always has little bit of fear attached - for most of us, anyway. 

So, let’s shift our thinking. 

Let’s move into a place of empowerment, not only owning our choices of before but making conscious choice for our future and how we want to live. 

“I tried the processed foods life and I’d rather know what I’m eating and, now, I’m going to do more cooking from scratch, using whole foods.” 

“I have relied solely on the grocery store to provide food for my table and, while that was convenient, now, I am going to grow more of my own food and buy from local farmers and gardeners. I am going to make THAT more convenient.” 

My life.
My evolution.
My lifestyle. 
My choices. 

I am going to rock this evolution phase and I’m going to get ahead of the changes.. as best as I can, one step at a time. 

Today, lunch was a mixture of sautéed vegetables, trying to sneak in some sweet potatoes. Rick didn’t fall for it. He didn’t like it. He didn’t eat it. 
No need to grow sweet potatoes. 

And so the journey evolves. 

a simpler life