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Homesteading: Reflections

Yesterday, I was listening to a homesteader talk about what his family’s lifestyle looks like and he specifically addressed the comments that he gets from viewers saying that he shouldn’t post about hunting or fishing when he talks about his homestead
Why don’t they teach these things in school?  Or .. why aren’t they learning these things at home? Probably because the parents don’t know how. Or are too busy …or just don’t realize … or  Regardless of what others are doing, homesteaders, at any le
I grew up in a rural community and, for the most part, have lived in this region my entire life.  The local fair, that takes place every year at Thanksgiving (Canada’s), has been a must-do for the local community.  When I was young, we had a single
How fortunate we are that, while we work towards living our homesteading lifestyle, remembering the old ways, we also have access to modern perks, such as the internet and medical supports. Today, Rick is having his first cataract eye surgery and, al
What if we have a really harsh winter? Will you be ready? [Prepare_for_winter.PNG] As I write this, it is mid-October and the cold is starting to move in, here in Ontario Canada.  Hindsight is 20:20 So, let’s imagine.  • Imagine that it is January a
11 Ways to live a simpler life  (Aka homesteading your life) “Living a simpler life happens one step at a time. ” I recently shared this image on my Pinterest account and I thought I would expand on it today in my blog.  [A_Simpler_Life.PNG] Livin
Building your family homestead begins with the dream.  [How_to_build_a_homestead.PNG] First things first  What is the dream? Everyone’s vision of a homestead is different. What do you want yours to be like? • what does it look like? • What does it f
[Standing_Bear_Network_Maple_Syrup.jpg] This morning, this teachings story appeared in my FB feed and my first thought went to homesteading and the work involved in maintaining a happy, healthy home. (Shared with permission from Standing Bear Netwo
What are the benefits of gardening? Physical? Mental? Spiritual? Stewardship? Making a difference  [Benefits_of_gardening.PNG] With age comes wisdom and, at 64, a lot of stuff that I have known for years, wisdom that I have known for years, seems to t
What does your “to do” list look like on the homestead? [Daily_schedule.PNG] In your day, there are things that have to get done, such as feed the animals or harvest the tomatoes because there will be frost in the morning.  These things are “high urg
… after toting buckets of woodchips, I took some time to do some reflecting [Wisdom_from_woodchips.PNG] Life Shifts As we walk our path in life, we go through “shifts” and, as I call them, “life spirals”.  “We plan, we do, we learn, we plan again.”
Living the dream can be uncomfortable; it can be down-right nasty at times! We all have those days when we feel like “throwing in the towel” and calling it quits, wondering why we are doing what we are doing.  How do we get through those tough ti