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Homesteading: Reflections #11: Wisdom from the Wood Pile

… after toting buckets of woodchips, I took some time to do some reflecting

Life Shifts

As we walk our path in life, we go through “shifts” and, as I call them, “life spirals”

We plan, we do, we learn, we plan again.

My pile of woodchips used to be a pile of wood, which used to be a tree. Regardless of what it looks like and what we call it, it is still that tree; just shifted, in form.

My pile of woodchips used to be located in one big pile in my driveway. Now, it is being shifted, spread out around the property, creating pathways and garden areas. The pile may look different and serve a different purpose but it is still woodchips.

And we are still us: We take what we have, what we know, and we shift it, change it, call it something different. Thing have changed but it is still our life. We have changed but we are still us. 

I have changed but I am still me. 

I think of my saying “I’m a gardener, now”. I can call myself whatever I want but I am still me, just shifted a bit. The goals change a bit; the dream changes a bit; life changes a bit; but I still “am”. 

The Dream

When reflecting back on my life and I look at all the dreams that I have had and have worked towards, I can see that they were all connected, all part of some greater dream, the bigger picture, the purpose.

My common thread is living a simpler life, although I didn’t know that for most of my life, and helping others with empowerment. 

Today, that dream, that common thread, looks like and making my home a homestead.

My life has shifted. My dream has shifted. But it is still part of the path of my life journey.

I am.

Your Dream: Your Shift

Where are you now on the path of your dream?
How have things shifted for you? 
What is your common thread?

Something to think about, 
- Debbie

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