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homesteading goals

Building your family homestead begins with the dream.  [How_to_build_a_homestead.PNG] First things first  What is the dream? Everyone’s vision of a homestead is different. What do you want yours to be like? • what does it look like? • What does it f
… after toting buckets of woodchips, I took some time to do some reflecting [Wisdom_from_woodchips.PNG] Life Shifts As we walk our path in life, we go through “shifts” and, as I call them, “life spirals”.  “We plan, we do, we learn, we plan again.”
Community provides a wonderful opportunity for dream-sharing, not the “I fell out of an airplane dream” but the dreams of what our lives will look like in the future, the long-term goals that are unfolding. [Homesteading_goals_and_dreams.PNG] Dream