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Homesteading: Reflections #10: Time Management

What does your “to do” list look like on the homestead?

In your day, there are things that have to get done, such as feed the animals or harvest the tomatoes because there will be frost in the morning. 
These things are “high urgency and high importance”.

Then, there are the things that could be done tomorrow or next week but you want to get them done today. They are important but the urgency isn’t as high as the “have to” list. 

And, then, there is the “if only there was more time in the day” items. These are typically thought of as very low on the priority list but I beg to differ. These things are usually what feeds the soul and this is vital. 

Making time for the self-care items, the things that bring you joy but don’t seem to make it onto the “to do list”, are so important for wellness. 

  • For some it is music. Take twenty minutes after your evening meal and get out the guitar. 

  • For others it is crafting. While supper is cooking on the stove, do some crocheting or woodworking. 

Or maybe it has just been one of those days and you have barely tackled any of the “want to get done” items, let alone thought of “me”. We all have those days.

I’m going to say that there is always time for a pause, even if it is only the time of a breath. 

Taking that moment to look around and see the dream: notice a seedling breaking through the soil, listen to a rooster crow, feel the sun or breeze on your face, look at the soil under your nails, and smile. 
This is the dream, with all the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

What does your day look like
  • Is it balanced? 
  • Are your children seeing you make time for what brings you joy?

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