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Homesteading: Reflections #22: Living the lifestyle


Living my vision board

For me, a vision board isn’t just about goal-setting, but, rather, clarifying my lifestyle, how I want to life my life. 

Envision the life.
Then, live it.

When talking homesteading, the recurring message is that growing some basil on a windowsill is homesteading because the goal is to grow fresh foods and basil is food. You don’t have to have a 100-acre farm to be a homesteader.

If I want to grow my own food, then I shouldn’t leave that idea as a dream. I should be and can be incorporating it into my lifestyle right now, today.

Buying in Bulk

One of my goals on my Vision Board is to have a pantry filled with preserved foods and items that I have bought in bulk.

Buying in bulk saves money and reduces the negative impact on the planet through less shipping and less packaging.

I can see that pantry of the future (the goal) and it makes me smile. But what can I do today? Now? (the living the vision)

Well, I can buy one thing in bulk. I can start building that pantry by walking the talk.

This past week, after running out of flour, instead of buying just a small bag of flour, I bought a large one, ten times the size of the regular size bag. I bought in bulk.

I was living the vision board.

It may not have been the largest bag of flour that I could have found but it definitely fit within the vision of how I want my lifestyle to be.

On My Vision Board

  • growing my own food
  • buying locally
  • buying in bulk
  • preserving foods
  • hosting gatherings of family, friends, and like-minded people
  • teaching, inspiring, and learning from others about living a simpler life 
  • camping trips in my Mercedes camper van (yet to be acquired)

What is your vision for your lifestyle?
How can you unfold that vision in what you do today?
- Debbie

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