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Our Hoophouses #9: Hoophouses - in the winter

Last fall, I wrapped up our hoophouses (greenhouses) for the season, partly because I didn’t know what to expect but primarily, to be honest, I wanted a break from gardening.

Silly me.

Did you see my post about the carrots? I dug up carrots from the hoophouse on the morning of January 1st and we had fresh carrots for our family holiday dinner!! In winter. In Canada.

Well, I’ll be doing that again, that’s for sure!

And, then, check out these temperatures. I took this photo this morning.

Now, we just turned down the heat in the house because we can’t afford the $1000/month heating bill. I guess we should be hanging out in the Hoophouse during the day! 

Winter maintenance 

They say that you have to keep an eye on the snow buildup on hoophouses so that the weight doesn’t break the plastic.

We have had little snow this year and I’ve only had to do this twice .. but check this out:

On the right side, the snow had melted at some point and there was a solid block of ice. That took a lot of effort to lift it over the frame and get it off the plastic. But I managed.

The sun, today, the beautiful warm sun, will melt any remaining snow… but will probably produce puddles that will turn to ice. I will have to check it again tomorrow.

Next year’s plans?

You can be sure that I will have a lot of carrots planted so I can harvest lots of fresh veggies in the winter. 

I haven’t minded the winter gardening one little bit. I didn’t need a break after all .. just a change. 

I’m a gardener, now .. even in the winter.

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