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Our Hoophouses #14: You served me well ..


This is part 14 in a 14 part series: Our Hoophouses

My Hoophouse stood strong through high winds, winter snowstorms and hot sunny days …

But that one winter storm, that had the wettest and heaviest snow that I’ve ever seen, took its toll and collapsed the Hoophouse frame.

The snow was so heavy that I just couldn’t lift it off the plastic after the storm had passed.

And, so we will be building another Hoophouse this spring.

In the meantime, I keep moving my pile of woodchips. Today, I covered the e area behind my little Hoophouse, between it and the pear tree, making it easier for the lawnmower.

Inside my Hoophouse, my little cabbage are doing well but the turnips didn’t fare well.

I had hoped that the severe winter temperatures had moved on and, with the addition of a row cover inside the Hoophouse that the little plants would be ok. I was wrong - we have had several days of -10C nights and the turnips didn’t like it.

Be patient. I know.
Work WITH nature. I know. 

Spring will come .. it always does. 
- Debbie

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