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As a last resort, to protect my gardens from rabbits, I bought a Hoophouse. See my project here: [85F186B8-34DB-44D1-B86D-FA3889E1FC81.jpeg]Let’s begin at the beginning. Last year, the last sev
This is my first year ever using hoophouses and I can now say that I am a gardener! It was a huge success.   [6DB46B9C-40FC-4EE3-BC95-433A905E6175.jpeg] The main goal for using a Hoophouse was to keep the critters from eating my plants. Little did I k
After one year of using a Hoophouse, I learned a lot about what to do with and what to expect from a Hoophouse / greenhouse. Thanks [5137C36F-EF1B-4D8F-825D-8B310DBC4F92.jpeg] Back in May of this year, little did I know that this would be my best gar
Making the hoophouse trellis for tomatoes. [Homestead_Hoophouse_trellis.PNG] As I write this, it is almost the end of October and there isn't much left growing in my gardens.  In the hoophouse, I have my precious peas that are just starting to be rea
Will the Hoophouse survive the winter? What we did was easy for these two seniors to do! [Hoophouse_winter_protection.PNG] While the weather is nice, it is time to work on the Hoophouse for the winter protection. We are in the midst of some nice, wa
You won’t know until you try. Put the seeds in the ground and do a garden experiment. [Winter_garden_experiment 2.PNG] My  Garden Journal  I’ve created this section of my blog primarily for my records, so that I know when I planted what. October 3
November 2nd, 2022 And, today, in the greenhouse/ Hoophouse I ate a fresh strawberry and some peas. I also happened to notice a nasturtium flower - that I didn’t see flower all summer and, yet, there it is! And, for a bonus, on my way out of the H
Our Hoophouse has been a great garden space. Now, that it is staying, it is time to take care of the walkways. [Hoophouse_woodchip_walkways.PNG] The Hoophouse Journey Recap This past spring, we bought a Hoophouse, through Amazon, as an experiment.
Yesterday, they predicted wind gusts of 80km/hour  We, retirees, have tried our best to secure the frame and plastic, to keep it together during high winds.  The wind, yesterday, had it rocking, while the smaller green one,  as usual, barely even wo
Winter Damage in the Hoophouse [Winter_garden.PNG] Freezing temperatures have damaged crops in the Hoophouse. - November 29/22 I set up my greenhouses last spring and they have been a win, win, win!  I was especially happy when I was picking and eati
Here we go again — high winds vs my hoophouses / greenhouses. Will the garden structures survive? [Hoophouses_and_high_winds.PNG] When I first set up my hoophouse, within a couple of days we had extremely high winds, which picked up the structure an
Last fall, I wrapped up our hoophouses (greenhouses) for the season, partly because I didn’t know what to expect but primarily, to be honest, I wanted a break from gardening. Silly me. Did you see my post about the carrots? I dug up carrots from t