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Journal (November /22) #3: Closing Up the Hoophouse for Winter


This is part 3 in a 3 part series: Journal (November /22)

Winter Damage in the Hoophouse
Freezing temperatures have damaged crops in the Hoophouse. - November 29/22

I set up my greenhouses last spring and they have been a win, win, win! 

I was especially happy when I was picking and eating peas and strawberries up until a week or two ago. 

But, now, the temperatures have dropped and I think I’m calling it a wrap for the winter. 

The temperatures dipped down to -10F (approx -23C) and that has changed everything. 

This morning, with the cold winds blowing outside and sending me back into my warm house, inside the greenhouse was a deceivingly balmy 62F (16C). 

However, the plants? 

  • The lettuce is a drooping, wilted mess
  • The pea pods are mush
  • The beet leaves are puddles on the ground
  • The Swiss Chard is sad and drooping 
  • The parsnips aren’t a lot better. 
  • The strawberry plant still looks okay but I’m guessing that the fruit that is on it are all frozen. 
  • The cabbage, although a little droopy, still looks okay and 
  • The carrots and garlic don’t seem to be bothered.

Oh and my orange tree plants are still looking ok. That surprised me. 


Everything that survived our first cold spell will have to cope till spring .. or not. They are in their own, now.

Everything is covered with row cloths, inside the Hoophouse which has an extra layer of greenhouse plastic over top (except the front entrance, which is only partly covered by the extra plastic).

Until we meet again - in spring 

As I left the Hoophouse, I said “good-bye”. I think that is it for the season. 
It has been a good year.

Thank you, Hoophouse, my friend,
- Debbie

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