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Journal (November /22)

November 2nd, 2022 And, today, in the greenhouse/ Hoophouse I ate a fresh strawberry and some peas. I also happened to notice a nasturtium flower - that I didn’t see flower all summer and, yet, there it is! And, for a bonus, on my way out of the H
Yesterday was a strange day and I just want to document it to help me reflect on what I learned from it and to plan for what I can do next.  My Goals For the Day Were  • Make some homemade bread • Update my sourdough • Grind some leftover chicken, to
Winter Damage in the Hoophouse [Winter_garden.PNG] Freezing temperatures have damaged crops in the Hoophouse. - November 29/22 I set up my greenhouses last spring and they have been a win, win, win!  I was especially happy when I was picking and eati