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Journal (November /22) #2: The Ups, Downs, and Surprises of a day in the life of ..


This is part 2 in a 3 part series: Journal (November /22)

  1. Still gardening!
  2. The Ups, Downs, and Surprises of a day in the life of ..
  3. Closing Up the Hoophouse for Winter

Yesterday was a strange day and I just want to document it to help me reflect on what I learned from it and to plan for what I can do next. 

My Goals For the Day Were 

  • Make some homemade bread
  • Update my sourdough
  • Grind some leftover chicken, to put into the freeze-dryer 
  • Put more woodchips down on pathways 
  • Gather some fallen leaves to put on top of the carrots 

How things went

  • Well, I got a lot of woodchips spread out and a couple of buckets of leaves onto the carrots. Check. 

  • The leftover chicken got ground up in my new meat grinder attachment for my KitchenAid stand mixer.  That was wonderful and I, now, have a container of ground meat that was going to go into the freeze-dryer but is now being used for sandwiches and meatballs. I love it!!
Sandwichesand that is where things turned upside down.

Let us look at the lettuce 

As I was making sandwiches for lunch, (with the homemade bread getting ready for the additional flour and second rise) I found that the lettuce from the fridge was frozen. 

Upon closer look, I found that a lot of things were frozen. Something was definitely wrong with the refrigerator. 

An online search said to empty the fridge and look for anything broken or disconnected. 


So, with lunch unfinished, and bread almost ready for the next stage, I emptied the fridge, filling all counter spaces with stuff (and I cleaned all the shelves while I was at it). 

While Rick took care of the technical side of the fridge issue (he didn’t find anything wrong), I was tending to bread, working in the bowl because I didn’t have any counter space free.) 

The  Results 

✔️The bread did get finished. 

✔️And, with the fridge door having been open for at least half an hour, Rick thought he heard some ice fall and we think that the fridge is working fine this morning. 

Nothing is frozen; the motor is shutting off as it should. And we cross our fingers that it has resolved itself and there is nothing seriously wrong with the refrigerator. 

The Lessons

  1. I love my meat grinder. It opens up the possibilities to so many other meals 
  2. When you put off doing a task, the universe will shake things up forcing you to do it. Much better to do it on your own timeframe rather than in the middle of making bread.
Don’t be a procrastinator 

This morning 

And, this morning, I wake up to the beautiful sight of everything covered in snow.

And I think of those woodchips that will be freezing together, making that job a lot more difficult.. and the wood that still needs to be moved but will be frozen to the ground … and the snow build up that will be risking the well-being of my greenhouse. 

There’s always something, isn’t there! 

Living the dream. Yes I am! 

And I smile. 
- Debbie 


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