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Our Hoophouses #3: Hoophouses: fall and winter gardening

After one year of using a Hoophouse, I learned a lot about what to do with and what to expect from a Hoophouse / greenhouse.

Back in May of this year, little did I know that this would be my best garden that I have ever made.. ever!

I guess I have the rabbits of 2021 to thank as it was because of their behaviour last year that I decided to try using a little greenhouse / hoophouse

Fast forward 5 months and I have harvested, eaten, and preserved so much food that I grew, with the help of Mother Nature. 

And I am so grateful. And my ego is a wee bit proud. 

What I learned after 1 year of using a Hoophouse: 

  • Enclosures protect plants from critters and from the wind
  • Soil/ plants inside the Hoophouse need supplemental watering 
  • Water on the leaves may result in mildew because of lack of air flow
  • Supplemental nutrients (fertilizers) are needed to help maintain the health of the soil as it is not getting the natural goodness of the rain 
  • The temperature inside can rise a LOT during the day but drop down to the outside temperatures during the night. Keep an eye on both so you don’t burn or freeze the plants.
  • Trampoline pegs make great tie-down supports to help protect the Hoophouse from the wind

Hoophouses for Fall Gardening

I had great plans for my Hoophouses for doing my first fall-winter garden. 
BUT, by October my desire to have a break edged out my desire to grow more food. 

I currently still have some peppers, strawberries, carrots, parsnip, Swiss Chard, and peas growing inside my one Hoophouse and I will still get to harvest some of it before the big freeze of winter hits us. 

Once I have to pack up my garden hose, I will be officially wrapping up my gardens. Whatever is unharvested will be used for mulching the soil next spring. And I’m okay with that. It is time for this old lady to have a rest, just like Mother Earth, and to get rejuvenated for the next growing season. 
Once the last of the garden gets wrapped up, I will be digging out the crochet hooks and spending time making things for family and friends.

Now, garden-wise, I can’t wait until next year … oh the possibilities, as I figure out this homesteading journey and the lifestyle I want to live.

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