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This is my first year ever using hoophouses and I can now say that I am a gardener! It was a huge success.   [6DB46B9C-40FC-4EE3-BC95-433A905E6175.jpeg] The main goal for using a Hoophouse was to keep the critters from eating my plants. Little did I k
Protecting my gardens from animals and growing vertically: trellises It was the last week of July and I had brand new cattle panels to use as garden trellises. This was too late to allow plants to mature before the first predicted frosts for my area
After one year of using a Hoophouse, I learned a lot about what to do with and what to expect from a Hoophouse / greenhouse. Thanks [5137C36F-EF1B-4D8F-825D-8B310DBC4F92.jpeg] Back in May of this year, little did I know that this would be my best gar
Preparing the garden for spring starts in the fall. [Prepping_garden_for_winter.jpg] It’s that time of year again where we prepare for winter and, because I’m a gardener now, that includes taking care of my gardens.  I use to just leave them and let
A few Simple Seed Starting Tips and Tricks will have you on your way to growing a successful garden.  Learning to Grow a Garden Love the idea of gardening but feel overwhelmed at the thought of starting? Questions like, how do I learn to garden or wh
“Grow what you eat.” That’s the best gardening tip there is! Grow what you eat or what you are going to eat. [What-to-grow-in-a-garden.PNG] Make a List What do you and your family like to eat? List your top 5-10 favourite meals. Make a Second Li