Monthly Book Giveaway - February 2023

I'm a mom of 3, lover of all things cozy, old-fashioned, homemaking, and simple living!

My story is long and winding, but I have found over the years that creating a cozy home provides a sense of warmth that even a wood stove cannot.

My passion is to keep a home the way my Great-Grandmother would have and to share that knowledge with you.

Treasuring the world around us, gleaning knowledge from yesteryear, and welcoming nature into our home through crafts and decor. All things that cultivate a sense of coziness in our home.

A feeling of being welcomed into a warm hug when you arrive on our doorstep. Welcome! I hope you find ideas here that you can make your own.

Welcome to Homesteadian. I look forward to learning from you and your version of a homesteading journey. 

I love your description of making your home a homestead:  “a sense of warmth that not even a wood stove cannot” 

a simpler life