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Cooking & Preserving #24: Electric pressure canner: day 2

Carey Pressure Canner Review (continued)

As soon as I found out that they now make electric pressure canners, I was shopping! 

My research ended up with the purchase of the Carey version. 

Trial #1 was the very expensive chicken thighs. 
I cubed up the meat and got 4 thighs in each of the 4 pints for $33. (Not so less expensive)

This validates buying in bulk when foods are on sale or in season and preserving it for later. 

Trial #2 (today) was chicken again, this time from Costco. 
2 chicken breasts in each of the 4 pints plus 2 for lunch, for $33. 

Pressure Cooking

I also used the machine to cook some wheat berries. 
The size is a lot larger than my Instant Pot and I was able to do 4 cups of wheat berries. (… in 12 cups of water; processed for .. 35 minutes plus quick release.


And, so, my Instant Pot is on the shelf for when I need two machines running at the same time.
And my All American Pressure Canner is on the shelf for canning season, for any large batches I have to do. Otherwise? It’s electric all the way!

- Debbie


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