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Cooking & Preserving #23: There’s an ELECTRIC pressure canner??

As soon as I saw that they now make electric/digital pressure canners, I went shopping online!!

The first couple of canners that I saw were for about  $700 Canadian and so it went on my wish list for “some day”.

I told Rick about them and he said “if they were around $200, I’d say to get one”.

So back I went and scrolled some more…. And there was the Carey for just over $200. 

I checked the reviews and those who were using it for canning were very pleased with it and that they didn’t have to spend $700. 
The one review did an update at 6 months, 1 year, and 2 years, and was still completely satisfied. I like that! 

Now, I’m sure that there is the “you get what you pay for” in that price difference but not having one vs having one…. 

Before I told Rick about it, it was already purchased. 


The multi-purpose machine is larger than my Instant Pot, in counter space as well as how much it will hold. 
I was able to fit 5 pint jars into the canner AND it has a stacking rack so I also have the option of having a double layer of half-pints. 

This will be fantastic for small batches of foods to preserve, including soups. I can cook up a big batch, can 5 pints and eat the rest. 

The Process

The canning process is the same as with my All American canner except that, once it gets past the venting stage, I can walk away.

This morning, as my (very expensive chicken) was processing, I was able to go outside and work in the yard. I didn’t have to stay and babysit the canner. Win!

The chicken: I had purchased the chicken just so that I could test the machine to make sure that it worked. The chicken was really expensive! This validates the investment in a pressure canner: buy foods on sale and preserve for later. I hope I never have to pay that much for chicken ever again. 

Day one and I’m loving my new canner. 
- Debbie

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