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Homesteading: Reflections #19: The kitchen: the hub of the home


2023, for me, will be a year for even more conscious living than I created last year.

Homesteading, steadying the home, is about being more engaged in the process of the foods we feed our family and being less of a consumer of store-bought.

This, then, makes the kitchen the hub of the home.

It doesn’t matter what your kitchen looks like - a state of the art, minimalist kitchen, a rustic room with a woodburning stove, an apartment kitchen designed to be space-saving, or a messy, eclectic kitchen like mine. How you use the space is what is important.

It doesn’t matter whether you grow your own food, buy food from the community farmer’s market, or shop at the local grocery store. The care that you put into preparing the foods makes all the difference and that takes place in the kitchen. 

The kitchen is where the magic happens.

The Mindset

I often refer to mindset when talking about the home as a homestead. For me, the intention is far more important than whether you are growing a tomato plant on a balcony or have an acre garden and are living off the grid. 

Life circumstances can dictate the where and how but mindset has full control of the why and how you use the circumstances that you are in.


Stand in the doorway of your kitchen. What do you see? 

Do you see:
  • A space for preparing nutritious meals for your family?
  • A place for cooking from scratch?
  • A space for family to gather and work together to prepare a meal?
  • A place filled with laughter, conversation, and a connection to foods?
  • The connection between plants growing in the earth and prepared meals on the table? 
  • The spirit of our ancestors smiling in support?
  • The sights and sounds and aromas of foods being prepared from scratch? 
  • The possibilities?
  • Your homestead?

The kitchen is home, is your home, is the place to create the essence of your home.

See it; feel it; create it. 

What do you want your home to be like in 2023? May it start in the kitchen.

a simpler life