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Homesteading: Reflections #20: ARE you living your dream?

You are living your dream right now - or you could be.

Your dream might be for the things you want to have but if you look at that dream more closely, you can see the lifestyle that you want to have, with the individual goals. 

For many who want to live that simpler life, they have goals of:
  • Growing food
  • Cooking from scratch
  • Preserving food

Those goals can all be happening right now. They may be on a smaller scale than in the dream, but growing one tomato plant in a pot is one of those goals in action. Making homemade bread is one of those goals. Putting leftovers in the freezer for a later date is one of those goals. 

Don’t give away your power

“I can’t”.
“I don’t have.”
“I can’t afford…”
“They don’t want us to…”
“I wish I could, but …”

From Can’t To How Can I

You want to grow your own food? 
  • How can you?
  • What can you grow?
  • Where can you grow something?
  • Who can you partner with? 

You want to do more cooking from scratch?
  • What do you want to learn to cook?
  • When is your best time for cooking?
  • How often do you want to cook? 
  • What do you already know how to cook? 

You want to preserve food? 
  • How can you preserve food, with what you have already?
  • What technique do you want to try? 
  • What do you need to do that technique? 
  • Where do you think you can find those items?
  • Who do you know who already has what you need? 
  • Can you partner with them?
  • How much money can you set aside to save up for the investment? 

Where there’s a “can’t” there’s a “can”. 

For me, 2023 is going to be a year filled with more preserving - preserving foods that I grow and foods that I buy. 
I’m going to bulk-buy dry goods, saving money in the long run.
I’m going to expand my garden and preserve more of my harvest.
I’m going to buy from local farmers that which I don’t grow myself so that I can freeze-dry produce and can things like salsa and jams.

Next week, I will be making chicken broth and canning it up for later. That is living the dream. 

I am loving and living the journey, 
-  Debbie 

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