Monthly Book Giveaway - February 2023


An organized kitchen is a time-saver. [How_to_organize_a_kitchen.PNG] Let me state right up front (but please don’t stop reading) … I did not get the housekeeping gene!! My mother kept all of those to herself, I think.  So, here I am at 64, and I
Well, that didn’t go as expected!  Baking Day Today was designated as a baking day.  My goals were:  • To make something for the family meal tomorrow, for my granddaughter’s birthday  •  Bake some cookies for Christmas • Make some sourdough buns.  B
Your home is your homestead. Homesteading is a mindset:  • it is about believing in the interconnectedness with the earth • it is about growing some or all of one’s food, and  • it is about using the kitchen to prepare food, to preserve food, to stor
[Homesteadian_kitchen-hub.PNG] 2023, for me, will be a year for even more conscious living than I created last year. Homesteading, steadying the home, is about being more engaged in the process of the foods we feed our family and being less of a co