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My Home #8: Baking or creating chaos?


This is part 8 in a 13 part series: My Home

Well, that didn’t go as expected! 

Baking Day

Today was designated as a baking day. 
My goals were: 
  • To make something for the family meal tomorrow, for my granddaughter’s birthday 
  •  Bake some cookies for Christmas
  • Make some sourdough buns. 
  • I am, apparently, almost out of flour, and 
  • I woke up, this morning, with a vision of turning an unused kitchen drawer into a coffee station area. 
Well, one thing lead to another and… 

As you know, this old house gets four-legged, unwanted guests roaming around on occasion. So, I had to clean that drawer, which lead to moving x,y,z, which lead to cleaning this shelf and then that one and then.. and then… 

The Mindset 

For a split second during the process, I felt the chaos. My mind said, “Why!!!!!!”

But, in the next split second, I smiled because I knew that I had been given an opportunity to make changes that I was going to be grateful for, in the long run.

We are often thrown into an uncomfortableness that is frustrating, at the time, and seems to be diverting us from the goal.

More often than not, however, the future hindsight will show us that the journey was unfolding in a bigger way than we had planned. 

Hindsight is 20:20 and reveals the silver linings that are the bittersweet blessings. 

Sometimes, I know, chaos is chaos and it really serves no other purpose than just being what it is. It is in these times that I have to use my self-talk: 

This, too, shall pass. 
Just do what you need to do. 

My Silver Lining

Although I’m not completely done with the kitchen, I now have: 
  • A coffee station area, and 
  • A baking station, with ingredients ready for easy access, located next to the sink 
I think I am going to love both of these areas. 
I won’t know until I stock up on flour!  

The Unexpected 

As I typed that last sentence … my Inner Voice said “psst… remember that you bought wheat berries and a grain mill? You have flour!”

Why didn’t that voice tell me that before? Why? Because opportunity was unfolding and I needed to forget about the wheat so that the possibility could unfold as it was to be. 


The journey:  ups, downs, chaos, uncomfortableness, silver linings. 

I am grateful for it all. 

Now, to go grind some wheat berries!
- Debbie  

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