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My Home

I love surrounding myself with antiques ad vintage items; I especially love using them, thinking about the hands that had used the item before and the work and the love that was shared through it. I especially love having items from my own personal h
Back in August, I was so excited about trying my hand at a fall garden and, even, overwintering some crops in my Hoophouse.  I was envisioning myself going out to the garden in the winter and digging up some fresh carrots. I was so pleased with mysel
Your home … whatever your lifestyle … is your homestead. When I thought of homesteading in that way, my eyes were opened and I felt empowered to be more conscious of what I was doing and why AND I fet more proud of what I was doing, however insignif
I’ve always wanted a little deck / landing at my back door of this old home. The house is old, very old. It was the house of a homestead long ago, that, since that time, has been divided into 4 different properties. We inherited saggy joints and w
An organized kitchen is a time-saver. [How_to_organize_a_kitchen.PNG] Let me state right up front (but please don’t stop reading) … I did not get the housekeeping gene!! My mother kept all of those to herself, I think.  So, here I am at 64, and I
What to buy for a homesteader’s kitchen? [What_to_buy_for_a_homesteaders_kitchen.PNG] I’ve been spending a lot more time in my kitchen these days and I’ve had to buy some things and dig out some old.  And, I’ve made my wish list for things that I’d
We built a deck and we added chairs. But the high winds kept tossing the chairs around. So… we replaced the chairs with large logs! [Rustic_deck_seating.PNG] The Wood Do you remember the firewood that I said “yes” to, even though we don’t burn wood
Well, that didn’t go as expected!  Baking Day Today was designated as a baking day.  My goals were:  • To make something for the family meal tomorrow, for my granddaughter’s birthday  •  Bake some cookies for Christmas • Make some sourdough buns.  B
Sometimes things just fall into place and you weren’t even thinking about it! First, I was given a magnetic signage set saying “Merry Christmas”. It is so cute but what will I do with it? And, then, I go to a friend’s place to see some vintage tools
[December_is_for_dreaming.PNG] December is for dreaming … and one of my dreams is to bring a lot of wooden and vintage items into my kitchen, to balance out my modern gadgets. I think that my most favourite utensil in the kitchen is the beautiful
Organizing my freeze-dried foods  - that’s the big job for after the holidays  And, then, this happened ... [Pantry_organization.PNG] The good news: I have 4 shelves of foods organized and easily accessible. The bad needs: everything that was on th
Goal: to have a pantry full of foods to provide you for the next 6-12 months or so (ex. from harvest season to harvest season) 2 Inexpensive strategies  1. Buy one more:  when doing your weekly shopping, instead of one set of supplies for a meal, (a