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My Home #4: A dream fulfilled

I’ve always wanted a little deck / landing at my back door of this old home.

The house is old, very old. It was the house of a homestead long ago, that, since that time, has been divided into 4 different properties.

We inherited saggy joints and windy doors and windows, and that’s ok. Many ears ago, now, we had an addition built on, that, honestly, was in keeping with the old - and all it’s mis-alignments and flaws.
The biggest one, we discovered last year, was an opening under the back entryway that let the snow and rain in .. and rats!

This year, we had that fixed and, while the cement steps were moved out, we added the dream deck for the entryway.

You can check out the build here:

Now, my life got a little easier, and one “dream” got checked off the list. 

My homestead just became a little homier! 
- Debbie 

a simpler life

Love when a project gets complete. Makes you feel good.

Charlena Mettler


This one only took … hmmm 30 years?? Lol

But, we got it done and we can say “we did that”. 

a simpler life