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My Home #13: Winter storm? I’m ready!


This is part 13 in a 13 part series: My Home

Here we are, a couple of days before Christmas and we are getting the winter storm of the year!

Weather predictions are ice, snow, and high winds. It doesn’t look good for our power stability.

Winter Readiness

Although I’m pretty prepared for power outages at any time, there were some last minutes things that I did, just in case.

✔️ water: I have a big camping container filled with water for anything and everything. 
  • I also have filled several containers with fresh water for drinking. 
  • And, I have a bucket of water ready for flushing the toilet. 

✔️ heat: the propane tank is full and the fireplace stove is ready to warm the house if the power goes out and we lose the use of our furnace. 

✔️ food: I have lots of freeze-dried foods for making soup and the propane campstove is ready to be put into action if need be. 
  • I also put together an insulated bag of sandwich foods and put it in the cold porch, so I won’t have to open the fridge to access food for a quick meal

✔️ generator: the generator is ready and backup gasoline is in the shed. All we need to do is hook up the extension cords and we will have wifi. Priorities, people, priority. 
Ok, it can power the fridge as well. 

✔️ lights: and we have flashlights and nightlight/emergency lights charged up and ready to go if needed. 

✔️ greenhouses: we’ve done our best to secure the greenhouses and protect the plastic. If we do get severe snow/ice, I will have to go check the two weak spots that I discovered yesterday. 

✔️snow plow: the neighbour has our snowplow and will take care of our laneway as needed. 

✔️ card: the car has a full tank of gas. Last thing you need in an emergency is having to stop for gas before going to where you need to get to. 

I think that’s it. We are storm-ready. 
Hopefully it will not be used and that’s ok. Preparing for a storm is never a waste of time. It is life. 

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